Check Imaging Suite (CIS) from Pacific CodeWorks brings powerful check image processing solutions to every size bank.  CIS will save your bank time and money, ensuring that your bank will excel in today's bold and competitive financial services market.

Check Truncation / Check 21 - The recently passed Check21 legislation provides an exciting new opportunity for banks to improve efficiency, cut costs, speed transactions and become more competitive by eliminating the need to forward physical checks.

Image Archive & Retrieval -  CIS CheckView's powerful databases and server technologies bring the computing power that was once the domain of the largest banking institutions into your back office.

Microfilm Replacement - CIS CheckScan allows your bank to eliminate the costs associated with microfilm by storing check images digitally.  With CIS CheckScan, image research is simple and fast, and check images can be stored off-site for greater security.

Statement Printing - CIS CheckPrint allows any size bank to dramatically reduce processing overhead and postage costs for each customer statement.  And those savings go directly to your bottom line.

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